Protection essential even after vaccination

After almost a year of the novel coronavirus forcing a global shutdown, face masks and lots of hand sanitizer have become the new norm. Federal and provincial governments alike have created laws urging citizens to cover their faces in public settings. Some businesses have started selling homemade masks, and many supply disposable masks to customers in need of one to enter.

While not everyone is a fan of this new mandatory accessory, others have gotten creative and personalized them. Regardless, face masks seem to be here to stay, at least for now.

As we all know by now, several companies have now developed varying vaccines for COVID-19 – but this does not mean that we are in the clear yet. 

This is not to say the new vaccines are ineffective. Please, do get vaccinated. However, vaccines only work on the person who got vaccinated. Because covid is a respiratory virus, covering the nose is especially crucial to preventing its’ spread.

While you may not fall ill from covid after getting vaccinated, you may still be able to infect others. This is called being a carrier. You may have a newfound resilience to the virus after vaccination, it is still possible to get sick without showing symptoms and transfer the illness to others.

With this in mind, health officials are cautioning members of the public not to abandon masks even after vaccination. Businesses ought to continue promoting the use of masks, and supplying disposable masks and hand sanitizer to customers. 

Until herd immunity is achieved, we all must keep doing our part to keep other members of our community safe. If you are a business, make sure you are always stocked up on disposable masks for your customers and have plenty of hand sanitizer dispensers dispersed throughout your store. And we at Cleanality are here to help you

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