July 18th marks masks compulsory in Quebec

Masks will now become mandatory in Quebec starting 18th July, Saturday. This regulation however pertains to only indoor spaces as of now. This is also the time when thousands of residents of Quebec start their two-week construction holiday summer vacation. While making the announcement, the Quebec Premiere remarked, “It’s better to wear a mask than be confined at home. It’s not fun wearing a mask, but it’s essential.”

Only people with a medical condition that does not allow for them to wear a mask will be exempted from the regulation. It applies to all above the age of twelve. The Premiere said the government was waiting for people to get used to the two metre distancing rule, before making it compulsory to wear masks. He also reiterated that people stick to the gathering of a maximum of 10 people

The regulation is mandatory for all malls, recreational places, retail stores and any other enclosed public spaces. In restaurants, it is applicable whenever someone is not sitting at the table. If the regulation is not followed, business owners may face fines of up to $6000. After August 1st, the fines will also be levied on individuals, but at the moment it starts with businesses.

It seems like the debate on whether masks are protective has stopped here. As eminent microbiologists point out that wearing a mask needs to become a habit till everyone gets a head around the virus, which still seems lost on most countries and till there is either a vaccine or cure in sight.

Several studies have indeed pointed out how masks help prevent spread of droplets, thereby helping prevent spread of the virus.

The Government is expressing faith in establishments to comply with the regulation. For it is in everyone’s interest to help stop a second wave coming and for the economy to face a shut down again.

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