About Us

At Cleanality, your safety and health is the priority. We are all trying to come out of the Pandemic unscathed. As we move from the lockdown to the “Living with the virus” stage, we understand that the new “normal” depends on several unknowns. We still don’t know if we’re at the front end of the wave, the early days of a wave that will pass over us or the beginning of a multi-wave pandemic. But what we know for sure is that life will not go back to what it was like in 2019.

We here at Cleanality are helping you prepare for life as it will be from now on.We are bringing to you personal protective gear that will help you stay safe as we learn to live with the virus, and prepare to go back to our earlier study and work routines.

At Cleanality, We believe that what the company stands for is just as important as what we sell. We operate with uncompromising honesty and integrity. From the way we run our business, to how we expect our employees to act, to the value we place on our clients, we would like to build our reputation for doing business the right way.

We are gearing up for mass production of safety and hygiene equipment here inside Canada, so the dependence on imports is reduced, and we are able to  help boost the economy with indigenous manufacture. Do try our products, they go easy on your pocket while always keeping you safe.